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                                                                                                                     RATE AGREEMENT

We appreciate your interest in Owens Forensic Engineering, Inc. and are please to provide our rates, as requested. Our consultants’ hourly rate for technical services include consultation, document review, case evaluation and analysis, site visits, examinations, testing report preparation, travel time.

                                                                                                                      RATE SCHEDULE

Roger L. Owens, P.E. $395.00 / hour

Site Work, Evidence Examination, Travel related work including depositions and trials, $3,750/day plus first class expenses, Deposition and Trial testimony is billed at $3,750/day regardless of the actual length

Administrative $50.00 / hour
Travel Expenses Billed at cost, plus ten percent (10%).
(Includes transportation, lodging and meals.)
Automotive Travel $.65 / mile
Equipment and Materials Actual Expense
Photographic and Video $2.25 / print;    $15.00 / CD;   $100.00 / video;    $5.00/Thumbnail

  Invoices for accrued charges will be submitted on 30-day intervals. All invoices are payable on a net 30-day basis. A 1.5% late charge will be added to any balance that remains unpaid 30 days after the date of invoice submittal. In the event it is necessary to refer this account for collection, the client will be held responsible for all expenses associated with such, including late charges, attorneys’ fees, court costs, office and travel expenses incurred by OFE. OFE will discontinue work on any case if fees or expenses become past due.

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